Dr. Viktoriya Zipper-Weber

My name is Viktoriya Zipper-Weber, I am a psychotherapist (under supervision) and it is my great honour to welcome you to “Psychotherapy With Me”!

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The whys behind psychotherapy with me

Effectiveness with proper psychotherapists

The motivation behind why you’ve stumbled upon me is unclear at this moment. The reasons and factors are so versatile and different from person to person when it comes to why they seek psychotherapy. For some, the motivation derives from a situation of crisis, suffering, pain – which is why they turn to look for assistance. The pain is often too great or the suffering is too unbearable to overcome on their own. For others it’s about improving their quality of life, consciously making changes to their lives or personal development. In each individual case, professional support is required.

Objectively considered choice

Objectively, you can take a look at the many studies that have been conducted that prove psychotherapy to be generally effective and healing in nature. There are a lot of research results that examine and constantly monitor specific methods, schools, and new developments. Behavioural therapy and the person-centred approach are particularly prevalent to what I practise as a psychotherapist. These are also the most frequently examined psychotherapeutic methods, and their effectiveness has also been proven frequently.

Subjective choice

However, subjectively – from client testimonials or case studies that asked patients/clients which factors they think makes for a successful therapist – they answered the following: 


The relationship with the therapist just has to work. The chemistry needs to be there. One should feel understood, empathised with, and unconditionally (in every essence of the word) accepted, but also experience a nurturing surrounding. 

Put simply, the first factor is to find a therapist that suits a client and then moving forward, they can do some beneficial work toward healing.

Added value

Now we have reached the point of why my practice is called “Psychotherapy With Me”. If you feel comfortable with me, both as a therapist but also just as a person, and you have the feeling that I could be the right fit for you in terms of your therapeutic needs, then you are very welcome to visit my practice and I genuinely look forward to the forthcoming therapeutic work with you.

What is your gut feeling? Why not come for a first consultation and let us see! We can decide together whether I suit what you need both as a person and as a “Psychotherapy With Me” therapist. 

If I really let another person understand me, I risk being changed by the understanding

The change finally happens by itself. Rogers describes this process as a chemical reaction because only a compatible and positive relationship can bring about personal change.

What for psychotherapy

Reasons, definition, characteristics

Would you like to know more about psychotherapy, at which stage it is needed, which methods and disciplines are accepted in Austria, or understand the difference between psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists? 

ÖBVP, the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy, has created a detailed information page for patients and it is available here.