Dr. Viktoriya Zipper-Weber

Are you still deciding whether I am the right psychotherapist for you and thinking that you’d like to know more about my areas of focus? Do you have questions about my previous experience or a possible therapy session? Here you will find an abstract from my curriculum vitae and I’d also be more than happy to answer any further questions in an in-person talk. I look forward to our conversation!

Vienna | Lower Austria | Online

About ME in detail

Brief bio

Born in Mongolia in 1978 as an ethic Ukrainian, I got around with my parents a lot and grew up multi-culturally, studied in Kyiv and completed my PhD in Vienna. I have been living in Austria for more than 20 years with my family and encounter people of various walks of life on a daily basis, be it that they have a different heritage, belonging or view of the world. Human beings come to me with diverse challenges and problems that they experience during their life journey. All of these people that I meet are people I cherish and accompany for a little while on their way.

My first occupation was when I worked in the international business world for almost 20 years, both in management positions and then self employed as a management consultant. Then in around 2008, I also began to work as a coach and university lecturer. However, the more authentic and self-aware I became, the more it became apparent that it was an impossible task for me to remain in working relationships or life situations that were clearly not conducive and in no way fulfilled me.

In 2015, I finally found my dream occupation and embarked on my journey to psychotherapy. Which fulfils me to my core on a daily basis.

What I bring to the table

As an empathetic, honest, and straight-arrowed type of person with a love of great discussions, as well as an open-minded, humorous, energetic, and passionate approach, I try to help people with important topics. These positive attributes bring a sense of feeling unsettled if I haven’t exhausted every possibility in trying to reduce someone’s suffering, improving their quality of life, reaching their goals, or advancing their development.

All of this, my life experience, various competencies, my characteristics, and especially my empathetic nature (coupled with other psychotherapeutic attitudes) plus a lot of persistence is what you will see during a session with me whilst I accompany you on your journey to finding your true self.

My previous experiences

From 2016
Since 2020
Since Februar 2022
Since 2022


Propaedeutic at HOPP at the University of Vienna

KIDS University

KIDS University, Annual voluntary participation as a lecturer

(kids-young/between 7-12 years, groups of up to 50 kids)

CARITAS dialogue groups

Multicultural support for refugees and migrants

Psychotherapeutic internships

Psychotherapeutic internships at PSYCHE+ and KIWOZI

Accompanying kids/youths with disturbed social behaviour and their mentally disturbed parents

Peace project at HBLA

Scholars from AUT and eastern Ukrainian war zones;

Therapeutic/artistic approach to processing their war experiences

Master at University of Vienna

Speciality as person-centred psychotherapist at the IPG APS

Intensive psychotherapeutic refugee work

Intensive psychotherapeutic refugee work with Ukrainian kids/youths, women, families;

I offer psychotherapy in my mother tongue on IPS APG,, Hilfsgemeinschaft

Private practice in Vienna

I have been working in a private practice in Vienna and Lower Austria. I also network as a district coordinator for the Lower Austrian State Association for Psychotherapy.

Cross-cultural Counselor

Cross-cultural Counselor for Refugees of Diakonie/JEFIRA

Global Counsellor

World Bank Group Global Counsellor

Senior Scientist

Senior Scientist in Healthcare Management at the University of Continuing Education Krems