Dr. Viktoriya Zipper-Weber

This is where you are the focus: in the centre of your experiences, perceptions, garnering the ability to accept and express yourself, as well as, also wanting to do so. My role as a psychotherapist is to – accept you as you are and be there to accompany you on your journey. Read more about the essence of the approach I both use and believe in. 

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Person-centred psychotherapy & Authenticity

Person-centred psychotherapy

Like Carl Rogers, I too believe in person-centred psychotherapy and am a psychotherapist who strongly feels that every single person has the ability to develop into their best selves, acquire the ability to handle a crisis, and to ultimately live a fulfilling and authentically unique life. 

What exactly does a client-centred/person-centred approach mean in psychotherapy? In this approach YOU are the FOCUS and there is a deep confidence in your potential development.


As a psychotherapist, I support you by providing the following fundamental attitudes which form the basis of our work together: being authentic, considerate, and showing unconditional appreciation whilst also doing my best to be empathetic, understanding, and remain a peer.  In line with this, a positive therapeutic relationship can be created and effective work on your topics of discussion can be made possible.

I would be elated to accompany you on your journey through a seemingly impossible crisis, out of a hopeless and burdensome life situation, out of a never-ending sickness – all the way till we find a suitable solution for you, healing, or simply improve your quality of life, and fill it with more satisfaction, authenticity, and genuineness. I want to help get you into your ‘flow state’ – to be the truest version of yourself, where YOU are the FOCUS.

 Die zentrale Hypothese hierbei lautet:

The central hypothesis states: “The individual has potentially unprecedented possibilities to understand himself and to change his self-concepts, his basic attitudes and his self-directed behaviour; this potential can be tapped into if it is possible to create a clearly definable climate of beneficial psychological attitudes

In layman’s terms: in optimal conditions – which first and foremost include supportive and benevolent relationships (like a successful and effective client and therapist relationship) – every human being can develop into their best selves and live an authentic, happy, and conscientious life.